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Learn basic expressions in order to understand and carry on conversations with people in all Latin American countries, Texas or anywhere in the US. Small, personalized classes or one-on-one learning with an experienced native Argentine teacher.

And if you like to travel, the possibility to go to any Latin American country, or specifically to Argentina, with Spanish in Motion would benefit your learning by allowing you to communicate directly with native speaking people in their home environment. Enjoy total immersion learning and absorb the culture of Latin America at the same time!


Spanish is not only the language that is spoken in a great number of countries but is also increasingly in use in the United States.

This happens not only for the growing population of Latin American immigrants but also for the necessity of establishing business and cultural contacts with our neighbors.

Spanish is a rich, musical and charming language. It spread through the American continent after the Spanish colonization and since then each Spanish speaking country has developed its own character that is reflected in the language.

cultural context

The best way to acquire a foreign language and the most delightful one is to be with native speakers in their own culture.

Spanish in Motion has been conceived with the idea of immersing the student in an intensive course that combines dynamic lessons with the actual experience of living the Argentine culture.