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Spanish in Motion courses

The classes

Small class sizes give you the student-teacher interaction you need. You will find the most modern teaching methods, and multimedia classrooms at a reputable institute where foreign students have enjoyed learning for over 20 years. The institute is located in a fascinating and architecturally beautiful area of Buenos Aires.

Classes will be held on a daily basis, 4 hours a day. For us it is essential to place the learner in a situation of needing to communicate (also known as function, i.e., making suggestions, accepting and refusing invitations, describing past events, talking about preferences, etc.) These functions are presented in real-life situations and emphasis is also laid on the expansion and consolidation of vocabulary and grammar structures.

Our teaching methods take into account the individual needs and goals of each participant. The progress of each participant and the contents of the lessons are strictly monitored.

Our teachers are graduates of Argentina training colleges, highly qualified in various teaching methods and with proven experience in teaching language courses to international students from various backgrounds. All speak at least two languages.

The schedule

Spanish language lessons will be held 4 hours daily on a weekly basis. All course materials are included.

Placement tests

You have to indicate your current proficiency level in Spanish language. Plan to take a placement test. Please, contact us for a placement interview.

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